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We do not accept applications until you have physically viewed the property. You may come by the office during any of our regular business hours to obtain a key. Please be sure to bring the $20 Key Deposit and Valid Photo ID.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us:
(434) 455-3600

Apply electronically by going to "Houses for Rent" or "Apartments for Rent" (depending on the property to wish to apply for) and use the "Apply" link located in the listing description. 

Print or Download Our Application:

Paper applications are available in our office.

Co-Signer Application:
  • Application Fee:  $40 PER PERSON or $60 FOR 2 PEOPLE. Please remit in Money Order or Exact Cash – NON-REFUNDABLE
  • All Applicants and Co-Signer must provide: 
    • Valid Photo ID
    • Social Security Card
    • Proof of Income (One Month of Most Recent Pay Stubs, Most Recent Tax Year W-2's or Awards Letter for Benefits such as SSI, Retirement, Etc.)
  • Security Deposit must be paid in Certified Funds (Cashier’s Check or Money Order)- NON-REFUNDABLE IF YOU OPT OUT OF RESIDENCE AFTER PAID 
  • Please note: Standard (or first) deposit is refundable. It is intended to be used towards any necessary cleaning or damages at the time of move-out. The second (or additional) deposit is non-refundable and will not be used towards any remaining charges post vacancy.
  • This application will not be processed unless we see you sign it, or it is notarized and Every Page is Completely Filled Out
  • **It is your responsibility to read over the entire application**
  • All parties to the application must sign the lease before you may have the keys to move in

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