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Applications are not processed until you have physically viewed a property with a key from our office.
You may come by the office during any of our regular business hours to obtain a key. Please be sure to bring the $20 Key Deposit (CASH) & Valid Photo ID.
Your $20 Key Deposit will be refunded once the key has been returned.
Please make arrangements to retrieve your key deposit before closing on the same day you pickup a key.


> You (or an agent on your behalf) must see the interior of the property with a key from our office.
> Each applicant must fill out their own application and pay the application fee.
> Applications may be completed online or a paper copy is available for pick-up at our office.

Apply online by going to "Houses for Rent" or "Apartments for Rent" (depending on the property to wish to apply for) and use the "Apply" link located in the listing description. 
> Last but not least, the Application Fee must be paid at our office. Applications Fees cannot be paid online.

$40 Application Fee for One Adult. $60 Application Fee for Two Adults.
All persons over 18 will need to submit an application with exception to dependents.
*The application fee is non-refundable and must be paid before an application will be processed.*
We accept Money Order, Cashier's Check, or EXACT Cash for the application fee.
Applications are kept on file for 30 days.
ALL Applications must include a Valid (Non-Expired) Photo ID/Proof of Citizenship and Proof of Income.

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